Corpus Christi Water Damage RestorationCorpus Christi Water Damage Restoration

The 2010 hurricane season rolled in with Hurricane Alex, causing widespread damage and saturating the soils of Corpus Christi. Water damage from the hurricane as well as subsequent waves of tropical storms has left residents soggy and desolate. After the skies clear and the water recedes, the damage remains and the cleanup process begins.

Water Damage Cleanup
Corpus Christ water damage restoration is a process that begins with assessing the building to be sure it’s safe to enter. With flooding comes the risk of electrocution, so extreme care must be taken to ensure the safety of the building’s occupants and cleanup crews. Once the building is deemed safe to enter, the water must be extracted, the debris removed, the surfaces cleaned and disinfected, and the entire building dried out.

Industrial water extraction and drying equipment coupled with a rapid response are essential to ensure that the water damage restoration process takes place before mold and mildew have a chance to aggravate the problem. With additional storms on track to land in Corpus Christi, water damage restoration professionals are ready to respond but likely to book up fast.

Water Damage Restoration
Once the water and debris have been removed and the building dried, restoration work begins. Most major flooding does more than simply soak a building and leave a trail of mud to be cleaned up: It also damages structures. Among the more common repairs are:

• Drywall removal and replacement
• Carpet removal and replacement
• Insulation removal and replacement
• Floor repairs
• Electrical repairs
• Baseboard removal and replacement
• Lower cabinet removal and replacement
• Door removal and replacement
• Window replacement
• Wallpaper removal and replacement
• Structural repairs
• Mold mitigation
• Basement pumping

As water damage restoration professionals in Corpus Christi as well as general contractors, we are here to help you mop up the mess and restore your building to its previous condition. We are dedicated to helping you every step of the way from assisting with insurance claims, pumping the water, cleaning the mess, disinfecting affected areas, and preventing mold to repairing the structural elements. If you’re suffering from water damage in Corpus Christi, water damage restoration is just a phone call away.