Corpus Christi Water Damage Restoration ServicesCorpus Christi Water Damage Restoration

We offer a full range of water damage restoration services including:

• Emergency board up service
• Water extraction service
• Dry out service
• Clean and disinfect service
• Mold prevention
• Mold mitigation
• Structural repairs

Emergency Water Damage Response
We understand that water damage must be contained or else the damage becomes significantly worse which is why we provide a prompt response and emergency board up services. These services are for those situations where it’s not feasible to perform the repairs right away. For example, if your windows have been blown out by a weekend storm, you can’t afford to wait until Monday to secure your home. Our board up service mitigates the damage by stopping additional rain from entering your home until permanent repairs can be made.

Water Extraction and Drying Services
For severe water damage, consumer wet vacuums and household fans are woefully inadequate.
Extracting water and drying the building and its contents requires a fast response and industrial strength equipment such as truck mounted water extractors and huge blowers. Because of the large volumes of water driven by tropical storms and hurricanes, Corpus Christ water damage restoration professionals use equipment up to the task. Not only can we remove the water quickly, using industrial strength drying equipment allows us to dry the building ASAP which is crucial for preventing another unwanted side effect from storms: mold.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Services
Storms, hurricanes, and floods bring with them loads of water contaminated with debris, chemicals, fertilizers, fuel, dead animals, and sewage. As you can imagine, anything that comes in contact with storm waters must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Disposal Services
Water destroys much of what it comes in contact with. While some of your home’s furnishings may be salvageable, much of it will need to be hauled away. For insurance purposes, it is important to document your losses before disposing of waterlogged items. Make sure to take photos or video of your water damaged possessions and furnishings before disposing of them. Once documented, our technicians can remove and dispose of damaged carpets, building materials, and other items.

Mold Prevention and Mitigation
Mold is a common after effect of flooding, appearing within days of the flood. The sooner we can extract the water and dry the building, the better. The application of mold inhibitors is yet another tool in our arsenal. However, sometimes it’s too late. If mold is already present, our team of professionals is well equipped to mitigate the mold and repair the damage. As with any Gulf community, mold is common in Corpus Christi.

Water Damage Restoration
It’s rare for a flooded structure not to need structural repairs. Damage to the structure include flooring damage, interior wall damage, electrical damage, siding damage, foundation problems, door and window damage, and roof damage. As full service contractors serving Corpus Christi communities, we are committed to providing timely, quality structural repairs.